Friday, November 11, 2011

Choc Muffin

Others than cookies, we also selling muffin with fancy paper cup to match your theme!
Note : Design are limited


Aiskrim.. aiskrim.. mari beli aiskrim..!!

Charity Event - Various Design

Repeat order by Hasniza, Subang Jaya. Its a charity event to promote her kid's taska, Tadika Islam Darul Ehsan. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kwekk.. kwekk... Here's come the duckling!


Transport Theme Bufday Bash!

Ordered by Zuraini for his 8 years old son's bufday bash!!

 Quite complicated design coz the lorry head alwaz patah!! My heart tgok pun 'patah'.. :(

These Boots Aren't Made For Walking.. :D

Cup Cake Anyone?

Pink & Cream - Allana Marisa Shahrizal

Pink & Purple - Aliana

400 pcs cookies order by Kak Ida. With her Pink & Purple theme..  Sweet jugak kan?

Green, Blue & Brown - Danial Altamiz Harraz

Yes, readers.. I agreed.. nama anak dia sedap kan? Ordered by Sheefa, Damansara. She request to match the cookies design & colors with her invitation card. A very vintage color combination i would say.. one of my fav design collection! :)


White & Turqoise - Muhammad Zuhdi

200 pcs cookies with white & turqoise theme ordered by Puan Hasniza, Subang Jaya.. Thanks Haz..